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Auto Gear Box Repair Services Oldham

Auto Gearbox Repair Services in Oldham

Here at Automatic Transmissions we’ve been operating within the area of Oldham for many years. In fact, we’ve over 30 years experience in the auto gear box repairs industry. During this time, we have developed our knowledge and skillset to become one of the top specialists in the industry that is difficult to match by our competitors.

Why choose Automatic Transmissions to repair your gearbox

If you are looking for a garage you can trust, then look no further. We believe trust is important as there are countless garages out there offering shoddy workmanship. Consequently, we offer a guarantee so that in case there are any problems with your vehicle after we have repaired your gearbox, then will fix any problems that arise

The services that Automatic Transmissions provide

There are numerous benefits to choosing us to help fix your vehicles with auto gearbox problems in Oldham. Here are some of the benefits:

• Whilst your waiting for your vehicle be fixed, we’ll provide a temporary replacement car
• We provide reconditioned auto gearboxes that work like brand new
• A business have confidence in – guarantee service
• FREE quote – We offer a free quote to approximate just how much it will cost you to fix your vehicle in Oldham.
• Low priced repairs that will help save you money
• Advanced diagnosis into finding out the issues with your vehicles auto gearbox.
• Offer gear box repair services to a huge selection of several models and manufacturers of cars

What car manufacturers do we repair?

We offer auto gearbox renovation services in Oldham for all the different types of car manufacturers, for a non exhaustive list, please read below:

• Ford
• Saab
• Nissan
• Volkswagon
• Citroën
• Subaru
• Mercedes
• Jaguar
• Toyota
• Renault
• Vauxhall
• Mitsubishi
• Range Rover
• Alfa Romeo
• Skoda
• Volvo
• Peugeot
• Fiat
• Mazda

Get in contact today!

For a no obligation free quote today, call us on 0800 980 9614. We can answer any question you might have about the process of fixing your vehicle in Oldham as well as the costs involved.