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Volkswagen has been using the DSG transmission in many of their models for almost 20  years now. Some of the most popular models that come with the DSG transmission include the Golf GTi, GTD, GTe and Golf R, the Jetta series, the Passat V6, the Scirocco and Eos. If you are driving one of these models and are experiencing problems with your gearbox, it is important to get in touch with Automatic Transmissions on 0800 980 9614 or via our online contact form, and we’ll be happy to help!

Any driver will tell you that they want to be able to shift gears instantly and without a clutch pedal. One of the biggest issues with a traditional transmission is the difficulty in shifting gears. A clutch can be difficult to push, and the transmission can be loud and scratchy. A direct shift gearbox gets rid of all that by eliminating the need for a clutch pedal and making the gears higher quality. They tend to last longer than traditional transmissions, and even if they do suffer some wear and tear over the years, our DSG Gearbox Repairs can help get them back to new condition. DSG gearboxes are becoming very popular in the auto industry and are a definite improvement over traditional transmissions.


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Models of Volkswagen with DSG Transmissions


Volkswagen has been using the DSG transmission in many of their models for a few years now. Some of the most popular models that come with the DSG transmission include the Volkswagen Golf GTI Jetta Hybrid, Jetta GLI, Passat V6, Golf R, CC, Eos & Beetle R-line. If you are driving one of these models and are experiencing problems with your gearbox, it is important to get in touch on 0800 980 9614!

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The Benefits of Volkswagen Electing for DSG Transmissions

When it comes to duel clutch transmission,  VW’s DSG is one of the best on the market. It is a tried and tested transmission that has been used in VW models for many years.  The benefits of Volkswagen electing  to use the DSG over a traditional automatic are many and varied. The biggest advantage is that there is no torque converter like in a traditional automatic, so there is none of the slippage that can occur under hard acceleration. This makes the car more responsive, and also improves fuel economy.

Another big advantage of the DSG gearbox is that it can pre-select the next gear before you even need it. This means that when you do come to shift gears, there is no delay – the gear change is instantaneous. These types of transmissions are much more advanced than a conventional automatic transmission, leaving the DSG gearboxes reliable. 

What you don’t get with a manual transmission is  the ability to manually override the computer and select your own gears. This is a great feature, as it gives you more control over the car – especially if you are an experienced driver.

Of course, with any new technology there can be issues. As the DSG gearbox is a very complex piece of machinery, it is important to make sure that it is serviced and maintained properly. If you are experiencing any problems with your DSG gearbox, it is important to get in touch with a specialist such as Automatic Transmissions. We have many years of experience working with VW models and can help get your car back on the road in no time.

If you are having problems with your VW DSG gearbox, then please get in touch with us here at Automatic Transmissions.


Volkswagen DSG Gearbox – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Volkswagen Dual Clutch Transmission?

The dual-clutch transmission, or DCT, is a popular choice for many car buyers. They are more advanced and efficient than the traditional automatic transmission. The DCT is an automatic transmission, but it does have some similarities to a manual transmission. They use two clutches, instead of one, which means it can control the gears faster and more efficiently. One of the most important things about a DCT transmission is that it can be shifted manually for those who like to have control over the gears themselves.

Do I still need to use the clutch and brake pedal?

If you’re learning how to drive a DSG car, then you’ll need to know how to drive it properly and use all the pedals as you would with any other car. The pedals are arranged differently, but they should be used the same way. The brake pedal is on the left, the clutch pedal is not present, the accelerator pedal is on the right, and the gear stick is in the centre. You don’t need to use the clutch when driving, as the gears are controlled electronically, so you will put it in neutral when starting the car. To stop the car you’ll need to use the brake pedal, and to go you’ll use the accelerator pedal. The pedal layout may be different, but the overall function is the same.

Can I still drive manual?

Yes, you can. A DSG transmission is an automatic transmission first. It has no clutch pedal but you can still shift to manual mode if you wish to do so

What is a dual clutch gearbox?

Dual-clutch gearboxes, also called twin-clutch transmissions or double-clutch transmissions, are a type of automatic transmission for vehicles. They allow the driver to shift gears manually, similar to a manual transmission, using two separate clutches for odd (or standard) gears and the other two clutches for even gears.

Why is my Volkswagen DSG gearbox making a noise?

There can be a few reasons why your Volkswagen DSG gearbox is making a noise. One of the most common reasons is that the gearbox needs to be serviced. If you’re not sure if your gearbox needs servicing, it’s best to take it in for a check-up. Another reason your gearbox might be making a noise is that the transmission fluid level might be low. You can check the fluid level yourself by opening the bonnet and looking at the dipstick. If the fluid level is low, then you’ll need to top it up.

Do I still need transmission oil to treat my VW DSG Gearbox?

Yes, you will still need to treat your Volkswagen DSG Gearbox with transmission fluid. This will help to keep the gears running smoothly and prevent any problems.

Are VW automatic gearboxes fuel efficient?

Yes, Volkswagen automatic gearboxes are fuel efficient.  They can be operated independently of each other and shift gears in less time than a regular automatic transmission, and definitely a manual gearbox. The dual-clutch transmission, or DCT, is a popular choice for many car buyers because it is more efficient than a conventional automatic transmission.

What does DSG stand for?

Direct Shift Gearbox

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Our team is ready to assist you no matter what car model you have in mind, whether you are looking for a Volkswagen DSG gearbox or another model such as a SEAT DSG. You can trust Automatic Transmissions Ltd to help you resolve any issue you might be experiencing with your vehicle. To get DSG gearbox diagnostics and repairs, call our team at 0800 980 9614 today. Alternatively, you can contact us through our simple contact form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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