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Jaguar Automatic Gearbox Repair

Jaguars are still one of the most popular prestigious cars in the UK. This British brand has some of the most popular and famous luxury vehicles available, including S-Types and XK8s. Despite their luxurious and hard-wearing design, over time it is possible for Jaguars to develop automatic transmission problems. Continuing to drive a damaged vehicle can lead to a wide range of problems, including further damage. Here at Automatic Transmissions Ltd, we can provide a full range of Jaguar auto gearbox repairs for all models – from saloons to 4x4s and performance cars.

Whether your luxury vehicle has sustained damage as a result of wear and tear, or simply following improper use, our experienced team are here for you. For more than 30 years, our mechanics and engineers have worked to resolve a wide range of transmission problems. We have access to industry-leading diagnostic equipment, allowing us to identify the exact cause of your problems.

No matter what year or model Jaguar you own, our team are here to help. We can provide complete Jaguar auto gearbox repairs to suit your needs. Our specialist team are able to provide repairs and replacement services. Based in Huddersfield, Automatic Transmissions Ltd can even provide a pick-up and drop-off service to any vehicle within 100 miles! Whether you require Jaguar auto gearbox repairs or reconditioned transmission replacement, get in touch today.

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Jaguar Auto Gearbox Repair

Dependable Jaguar Auto Gearbox Repairs

As soon as you notice that something is wrong with your gearbox, you need to get the fault repaired as soon as possible. This is true whether you notice the issue when driving, or if the car alerts you with a fault warning. Continuing to drive with a damaged auto gearbox can lead to a wide range of problems. Not only could you cause further issues with your vehicle, you could also lose control of your car and be unsafe on the road.

Here at Automatic Transmissions Ltd, we’re able to provide a full range of diagnostic and repair services to all kinds of Jaguar gearboxes. We have access to industry-leading equipment which is ideal for all kinds of automatic transmissions. Not only will we be able to identify the cause your issues, we can recommend the best way of resolving them.

As a luxury British brand, Jaguar automatic gearboxes are hard-wearing and resilient. In spite of that, it is possible that they will develop faults. This can be due to wear and tear or specific incidents which have affected your transmission directly. Some of the most common Volvo gearbox problems we are able to diagnose, and repair, can include:

  1. Difficulty in Shifting Gears.
  2. Concerning Transmission Noises, such as:
    1. Grinding and Clunking.
    2. Whining and Loud Humming.
  3. Gear Slipping/Shifting Hesitation.
  4. Transmission Fluid Leaks and Burning Smells.
  5. Noisy grinding sounds when in gear.
  6. Check-Engine Light Coming On.
  7. Specific Fault Warnings and Alerts.
  8. Inability to Accelerate in Certain Gears.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your Jaguar 4×4 or luxury car, get in touch today. We can deliver an industry-leading repair service to each of our customers, ensuring that you get back on the road quickly and safely.

Jaguar Auto Gearbox Replacement

Here at Automatic Transmissions Ltd, we are able to provide a full range of automatic transmission systems. From our independent garage in Huddersfield, we are able to repair and replace all manner of auto gearbox concerns. At any one time, we have more than 400 refurbished gearboxes which are ready to be installed. These automatic gearboxes are reconditioned systems. Having been repaired fully by our team of mechanics and engineers, these automatic transmission systems will deliver a like-new service to any Jaguar.

Reconditioned auto gearboxes from Automatic Transmissions Ltd are much cheaper and just as reliable as new models. They are significantly cheaper than choosing to replace your system with one from Jaguar itself. As an independent garage in Huddersfield, we can provide the best possible service at the lowest possible price to all our customers. Our mechanics can come out to install refurbished automatic gearboxes anywhere within a 60 mile radius of our premises in Huddersfield. 

Auto Gearbox Repairs and Replacement for Jaguar 4x4s, Performance and Luxury Cars

Here at Automatic Transmissions Ltd, our engineers and mechanics are committed to delivering the best possible service. Our specialist team can work to resolve a full range of common problems with Jaguar gearboxes. In the past, some of the auto gearbox repairs that we have delivered include:

  1. Jaguar S-Type 2001 – Gears Sticking and Clutch Slipping.
  2. Jaguar Sport 3.2 v8 – Jerking into Gear when Selecting Drive from Park Mode.
  3. 1999 Jaguar XK8 4.0 – Serious Drum Faults.

If you’re suffering from any of these issues, or any others, we are here to help. Our team can carry out automatic transmission repairs and replacement for all models and years of Jaguar cars and 4x4s.

Jaguar Auto Gearbox Repair and Replacement – Anywhere in the UK!

If you need your automatic gearbox repairing, but live outside of our service area, simply send it to us. Our mechanics will carry out any necessary repairs, then return it to your via courier. Alternatively, if you require a quality Jaguar refurbished auto gearbox, we can also deliver your order to any UK address. 

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Here at Automatic Transmissions Ltd, we can deliver a full range of repairs and replacement services to suit your needs. If you’re looking for reliable Jaguar auto gearbox repairs, or refurbished transmissions systems, get in touch today.

You can reach our mechanics and engineers directly by calling us on 0800 980 9614. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Jag’s transmission system, use our simple online contact form. Just leave us with your contact information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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