Ford DSG Gearboxes


Many Ford vehicles come equipped with DSG gears, but what does it stand for? A DSG gearbox is a form of automated gear system that offers both the advantages of automatic and manual transmissions, as well as rapid and precise changing. In addition to this, they typically use less petrol than conventional transmissions, but they are still susceptible to needing repairs, just like the majority of automatic cars. At Automatic Transmissions, we excel in repairing DSG gearboxes.


ford dsg gearboxes

Models of Ford With DSG Transmissions

In fact, Ford DSG transmissions are a well-liked alternative for luxury vehicles. For several of the contemporary Ford vehicles, an automatic transmission of the DSG variety is an option. Direct-Shift Gearbox is referred to as DSG. While this sort of transmission resembles conventional automatic transmissions, there are some significant distinctions. The gear adjustments in the DSG transmission are managed by a computer control module.

The DSG gearbox is available in numerous Ford vehicles. The top-selling models of Ford with the DSG transmission that we repair at Automatic Transmissions include the following: Ford Focus Trend 1.0L EcoBoost, Ford Focus ST-Line 1.0 EcoBoost, and the Ford Focus Active 1.0 EcoBoost.

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Common Features of Ford DSG Gearboxes


There are similar characteristics among the many types of DSG transmissions, while there are differences in taste (perhaps somewhat nuanced). Although specifics can vary, all DSGs have a comparable general structure. A control unit, two clutches, and a gearbox are all included in this design. The gears are comparable to the hub motor and chain stores found in automatic transmissions, unlike conventional automatic transmissions, and they function almost exactly the same, and as Ford DSG gearboxes consume less energy and internal friction, they eat less fuel.

What Sets a Ford DSG Gearbox Apart from a Regular Automatic Gearbox


Compared to an automatic launch, DSG is built to manage your car and other driving circumstances better. Consider acquiring a DSG upgrade if you’re intending to improve your Ford.

The additional clutch is the primary distinction between conventional torque converter transmissions and direct shift gear. This makes shifting easier and faster, which is perfect for racing. Although they are available, conventional torque converter transmissions can be challenging to locate and install. Alternatively, it may be replaced with a CVT transmission or an automated manual transmission and still function just as well. The system stresses performance above all else and doesn’t use any gears. In principle, it can be effective in small and mid-sized cars, but it can make bigger cars’ engines crank loudly.


Fixes for the Ford Direct Shift Gearbox


It’s critical to be aware of any problems that could arise if you own a Ford with a DSG gearbox and to work with a reputable expert like Automatic Transmissions who specialises in DSG gearbox repairs and servicing.

The following are several of the most typical issues that might arise with Ford DSG gearboxes:

  • Drops of fluid
  • Filter obstructions
  • Shift slippage
  • tough switching
  • Harsh movement

It’s crucial to adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule for your Ford. Failure to do so could result in transmission issues. It’s crucial to have any of these problems inspected by our expert DSG mechanics if you discover any of the above.


If You Need a DSG gearbox Repaired, Contact Automatic Transmissions

When you need it, Automatic Transmissions Ltd. can repair your DSG gearbox. Direct shift automatic gearbox repair and replacement are the speciality of Automatic Transmissions Ltd. We can also pick up and deliver your car if it’s within 100 miles of our Huddersfield facility. You might be able to borrow a car from us while the transmission is being fixed.

You may rely on us for any type of transmission, whether it’s a Ford DSG or another variety, like a Nissan DSG. Dial 0800 980 9614 to reach Automatic Transmissions Ltd for assistance with a DSG motor. Contact us using our feedback form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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